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1.1 Overview of information

Cookies are text files that are hosted in the visitor’s terminal with certain information of the visit to the page.

If you wish to obtain more information regarding cookies, we offer the following links:


1.2 Blocking and deletion of cookies

As a rule browsers have different configuration options regarding cookies, which allow to adjust different levels of privacy, so that for example, all cookies that can be sent by a website like this are refused or even all cookies that could have been saved are deleted. To modify these parameters you can ask the manufacturer for help or consult the following documentation:

In the event that the user restricts or blocks any or all of the cookies on this website, it is possible that some of the functionalities or services provided on the page are not available.


1.3 Private or incognito navigation

Finally, regardless of the possibility of restricting or deleting cookies, most web browsers allow visitors to visit the pages using the mode known as "private browsing, incognito, Inprivate". This functionality means that when you close in browser/tab, you delete any browsing data that may have been stored or generated (including cookies).